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M3 Michigan Made Mix

M3 Michigan Made Mix

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Award Winning Product 4 Different Sources of Nitrogen 4 Different Sources of Phosphates 3 Different Sources of Pot Ash 4 Different Sources of Calcium 2 Different Sources of Magnesium All nutrients break down for plant usage at the correct times, which is why it works so well from start to finish. Just make sure to PH your water correctly!! M3 Medical Marihuana Mix (aka Michigan Made Mix) was made to simplify the Organic Growing Process. Instead of having to buy and mix all of your grow mediums and nutrients separately, the makers of M3 Mix have done all of the work for you! With a mix of Canadian Peat Moss and Composted Michigan Sphagnum, the M3 Mix is fortified with Seabird Guano, Greensand, Blood & Bone Meal, Lime, and Rock Phosphates to give a complete organic meal for your fruiting or flowering plant. The Blood meal is added as a powder to give the plant instant nitrogen for the vegetative process, and the guanos and rock phosphates are crushed from pellets into tiny pebbles to give the mix its time-released flowering nutrients. M3 mix is all you need from start to finish! The 'Just add Water' formula simplifies the complicated and sometimes frustrating medical marihuana grow process. It also creates an easy way to grow your medicine organically! Peat moss is proving to be the number-one organic grow medium due to its high water retention (meaning you do not have to water near as much as other mediums!) and natural design. Whether you are a new grower, or have been growing for years, M3 Mix is an obvious choice due to its quality, simplicity, and environmentally conscious design. *M3 Medical Marihuana Mix earned the 1st-Place People's Choice Award at the first ever High-Times Michigan Cannabis Cup for Best Booth last year!

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