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Daisy Cloner - 8 site

Daisy Cloner - 8 site

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Botanicare designed the Daisy Cloner to fit a lower budget, while maintaining their high quality. Each Daisy Cloner contains an aeroponic mist application to ensure an optimal atmosphere for rooting and aeration. Simply dip the plant cutting in your choice of root stimulator, then place in the neoprene collar. Operate the Daisy Cloner for 24 hour periods until roots appear (3 to 10 days). Once rooted, transplant the clones into any desired grow substrate. For best results, use with 16-24 hours of Fluorescent lighting set at eight-inch to twelve-inches above Daisy Cloner. Misting leaves once or twice daily is also helpful. The Daisy Cloner includes: Aeroponics Pump Net Pots Rootguard Neoprene Collars Daisy Cloner 8 has 2-inch plant sites. Daisy Cloner 4 has 3-inch plant sites and has a larger plant area - can be used to grow smaller sized plants (peppers, ornamentals, cooking herbs) to maturity. Dimensions: 8" high x 10" wide. Should be sterilized with disinfectant between crops.

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